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Bikes & Rentals


Bringing your own bike

Majority of riders joining Big Mountain trips bring, and prefer, their own bikes. Most commercial airlines have fees for excess and oversized baggage, which can range from $100USD to $250+USD each way depending on number of flights and various airlines used. We will always encourage using a proper bike bag and taking the time to pack your bike properly.

Rental Bikes

If your travel itinerary makes it tough to bring a bike we can source a current model high performance rental for you using our local contacts in each of the destinations. That said rentals are not always available in all destinations annually. Prices and brands/models vary country to country. Prices typically vary between $350 USD and up to $500+ USD. 


Once you register for your trip, in your confirmation email, you’ll receive a Trip Preparation document that will outline all the above in more detail– tips for packing your bike and also more information, if available, on rentals.

Contact our office at anytime with questions about rentals. If you have questions about flying with your bike – you can check with your preferred airline.


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