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Experience is everything.

Like nothing else, cycling allows you to uncover unique and hidden aspects of a region and its culture. You'd never experience this from a rental car, tour bus or cruise ship. You can decide on whim to explore a winery, stop for a long lunch or venture even further on a quiet road.  Travelling by bicycle leads to authentic connections with a region, it’s people and a lifetime of memories. If you are willing to slow down and encounter a little adventure while riding throughout some of Europe's finest cycling regions, then you are ready for the incomparable pleasure of a cycling holiday with CycleVentures.

We’ll provide services to make your trip as seamless and wonderful as possible; little things that you won’t notice and more obvious ones too. As always, our guides and our support van are there when you need them.

After over four decades of active travel by bicycle we look forward to the next trip as if it was our first.

What’s included:

  • Comprehensive trip planning, a well-designed itinerary and excellent riding routes.
  • Airport pick-up and drop off on scheduled days.
  • Expert leadership: two leaders per trip with groups of seven or more.
  • Welcome Reception on the first day of each trip.
  • GPS tracks for all main routes that can be transferred to riders’ personal computers.
  • Michelin maps and route description with profiles for all riding days.
  • Optional add-on features like wine tasting or guided walking tours (depending on trip).
  • Detailed pre-departure information and trip extension assistance.
  • Daily support vehicle with water and snacks.
  • Daily luggage transport and land transportation stated in the itinerary.
  • Accommodations: Three star hotels (occassional two-star or inn) based on double occupancy with private facilities unless otherwise stated.
  • Meals: all breakfasts and 40-60% of dinners. Special diet? Let us know
  • Daily map session reviewing the next day’s ride.
  • Bike box storage during the trip or transfer to finale destination if a point-to-point trip.
  • Assistance with bike rentals: booking, delivery and return.
  • Optional masseuse/soigneur, riding coach on private departures.
  • Cycleventures t-shirt.

What our guests have said

“Hands down the best vacation ever. We wanted to thank you for this amazing experience. The riding was incredible and the entire trip was so well organized, you guys really did not forget a thing! It was great to have had an awesome group of people to ride with. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone.”
Sandra M.

Meet Our Guides

Here are just a few of our guides that are ready to show you their culture, stunning scenery and amazing trails on your next Big Mountain Bike Adventures' trip.

Norway & Italian Dolomites
An Italian in Norway?! Andreas' deep passion for Narvik and the Lofoten Islands is evident as he rings off names of all the peaks, shares stories of local legends and knows the region's history intimately. He is one of the only mountain bike guides in the Lofoten and we're lucky to work with him. In the Dolomites he is in his backyard. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious and his high level of organization and guiding is welcomed, to be hosted by Andreas is nothing but a pleasure.
mountain bike guide, Peru mountain biking, bike guide Peru
Nicolas & Vicente
We are so very fortunate to have Nicolas & Vicente and their team at the helm of our Peru trip. They exude all the attributes that we seek in a professional mountain bike guide: they're kind and respectful, passionate about sharing their country with riders, helpful and patient, highly organized and detail oriented and very importantly they love to ride mountain bikes! To ride with these guys in the Peruvian Andes is a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity.
mountain bike guide, Ecuador, mountain biking, bike guide Ecuador
Chris Winter
Raised with Michelin maps of France strewn across the kitchen table and parents discussing logistics for month-long European cycling trips with a group of 25 cyclists, Chris was born into planning and developing bike trips. He is passionate about travel, adventure, culture, sharing amazing experiences and really fun singletrack riding.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
Italy, Dolomites
Born and bred in Italy's South Tyrol, Werner quit his office job in 2013 to become a full-time mountain bike skills coach and professional guide. A passionate rider and nature lover with a character that'll make you smile inside and out, there is no better guide than Werner to show you the beautiful trails, culture and mountains of the Dolomites along with it's delicious cuisine & fine wine.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
Based in beautiful Pemberton, BC, Emily is at home in the mountains. Specifically, she's at home riding her bike in big and remote mountains; guiding & coaching riders, exploring with friends and winning enduro races like the four-day Trans-Cascadia. She's one of the best mountain bikers you'll ever ride with, as humble and friendly as can be and a true professional guide.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
There is simply no one better than Paulo to show you real Costa Rican singletrack mountain biking. Wicked, technical and big trails that even locals don't know about. Beneath Paulo's layed back and soft-spoken demeanor is a strong rider both up and down, a kind person and consummate professional on all aspects of a great mountain bike adventure.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
Louise & Alessandro
Swedish organization meets Italian passion! This wife & husband team will peel away Liguria's layers to unveil its sweet secret spots from the best gelato, pesto & espresso to the the best local shuttles on hidden trails tucked away high in the forested mountains. One of the strongest enduro riders in Europe, Louise shares with our riders her secrets to riding well. Louise & Alessandro: the A team for any trip!
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
Lausanne-based Myriam grew up doing activities in the Swiss mountains. She was professional mountain bike racer from 2007-2011 and today she spends her time as a sports trainer, mountain bike coach, skills coach and professional guide. Let Myriam show you her amazingly beautiful big mountain backyard.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
A professional mountain bike guide and true lover of her native Iceland, there is no one more qualified than Anna to share with you this beautiful island, from it's wide-open and rugged natural landscapes to its unique and quirky character that'll surely surprise you.
mountain bike guide, Dolomites, mountain biking, bike guide
Meet Prayash, our local super star guide. Mountain biking has been a passion for him since mid 2000’s. He took it next level, after opening a bike shop in 2009 and eventually becoming a professional MTB guide. "My favourite part of mtb biking is without a doubt getting to explore my country and getting to meet different bikers from all over the world. I personally have ridden bikes in Asia; like India, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, and more. I also value my time as a volunteer on Nepal MTB team as a coach.


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