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Giving Back

Giving Back

Since our humble beginnings with adventure mountain bike travel in 2001, we’ve always been on the look out for ways to give back to the communities and countries where we ride, especially in developing destinations.

By placing a priority on working with local businesses it means, no matter how small, we’re supporting local economies from; arranging local shuttle services, hiring knowledgable local mountain bike guides, or visiting smaller cafe’s and restaurants, or corner bike shops and boutique style accommodation, support staff and more. That said, we’ve always wanted to do more.

Launched in 2018, we’re fortunate (and stoked) to announce we began to partner with’s 'Share The Ride' charity where, with our assistance, bikes are delivered to kids in need. This effort doesn’t stop with delivery either - a program is also developed to ensure the opportunity is maximized, from mountain bike skills development to trail building, to mountain bike maintenance and more. So far, we’ve produced two successful events; one in Peru and one in Botswana.

Over the years, we’ve also organized one-off events, such as shipping a crate of lightly used kids mountain bikes from Vancouver to the village of Providencia, Costa Rica – which helped encourage kids to use their local trails. As well - bringing gear, warm clothing and other supplies to Greece for Syrian refugees. As needed, delivering small requests to Nepal and other destinations for the local children and villages.

Small steps to making a difference. If you have ideas – let us know:


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