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Our Story

Welcome to Big Mountain Bike Adventures

At Big Mountain, our goal is to provide an experience of a lifetime on a mountain bike. We're talking about one of those experiences that borders on life altering, or a least one that makes you feel so alive that you howl out loud.

How do we aim to achieve this lofty target? Good question. Our mountain biking trips are a carefully organized symphony of details with that goal in mind; some details are small and barely noticeable while others are in plain sight, right under your tires. Our mountain bike trips are unparalleled, melding the very best singletrack with unique cultural experiences and great food and accommodation in a well-organized small-group adventure led by professional guides. Our riding roots run deep and our passion to innovate and deliver a worldclass adventure is evident at every turn. At the end of the day we just love to ride.

We are proud to offer you an exciting line-up of trips that will be sure to take you riding to another level. We look forward to riding with you soon.

Chris Winter.
Founder of Big Mountain Bike Adventures.


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